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Hello! If you have been to Zara Salon, you might have noticed the different vibe there. We are proud of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that we create. Our team works diligently to provide you with the best possible service and experience. We sometimes converse with one another to ensure that everything is on schedule, and we collaborate during consultations to ensure that we perform the best job for you. Our ultimate aim is to make your day! Come witness it for yourself and be a part of the Zara Salon family.


Voted New Jersey's best hair cut and style salon by Google search. You will love what our stylists do.

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Offering a perfect Keratin treatment that gives smooth and shiny hair to our valued customers is one of the top-selling services at Zara Salon.

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The Zara Salon has been top-rated as the best highlights, ombre, and balayage salon in Central Jersey for the second year in a row.

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For customized hair salon services, call us at (732)-662-5101. Our stylists love hearing your requests and will try their best to accommodate you. Contact us before your appointment to confirm pricing. At our salon, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether it’s a haircut, hair color, or a new trend, we promise excellent results. Contact us today to transform your hair!

Hair Cut

Zara Salon offers personalized hair care based on your face shape, texture, and thickness. Our expert stylists provide exceptional service in a welcoming environment. Trust us to create a unique style that fits you perfectly.

Hair treatment

Hair color

We care about the health of your hair when we color it, and we want the results to last a long time. We can give you a simple or dramatic look, and we’ll talk to you to make sure we understand what you want.

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If you have any further questions, please call us at 732-662-5101.

Not necessarily… but it’s never a bad idea! Especially for Balayage, Keratin, and color corrections. The consultation is free!

At Zara Salon, we want to help you pick the best service for you. We do this by talking with you and asking about what you want and need. This helps us suggest the perfect service for you.

A partial highlight is focused on brightening face-framing pieces, the crown, and parting areas. A full highlight provides all-around coverage, including the nape area. If your hair feels too dark underneath when you wear it up, you may need a full highlight.

Of course! Hairstyling is one of the specialties at Zara Salon. They also do makeup and hairstyles for bridal and any event.

Although every head of hair is different, Magic Sleek typically lasts for 4-6 months. The longevity of the treatment heavily depends on using the appropriate Magic Sleek aftercare products. Please feel free to ask Zara for more details about the product.

Great question! If you’re looking for an immediate coloring solution, Magic Sleek could be just what you need! However, if you’re thinking about highlights or bleach, it’s important to know that these may not work well with the Magic Sleek treatment. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We want you to have the best experience with Magic Sleek, so we recommend following the guidelines provided by the brand. This will help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair that’s free from frizz, and help maintain the color you want. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of Magic Sleek and keep your hair looking radiant and shiny!

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